Quelques appréciations de nos clients étrangers

Les appréciations de nos clients

DATE : 30/10/2017

 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we have been spending the last three weeks on a roundtrip with your employee Mbola Ramampiandra and would like to give some positive Feedback.He was a very reliable and save driver. He speaks good English and also acted like a guide for us, organising everything perfectly and explaining a lot. He was very helpful and we had an extraordinary time with him.

Thank you very much and best regards.

Matthias Heinzl and Lisa Lindner

DATE : 24/10/2017

Dear Tiana,
We have reached India safely.
Our trip was excellent … and it was possible only because of you and your team at SOACAR.
I will put up a suitable review/ feedback on social networking sites shortly.
Best Regards,


DATE : 24/10/2017

Hi Tiana,
Everything was to our satisfaction. We were especially happy with our driver Mami. He was very reliable and friendly. We can provide some pictures after we returned to Germany.
Best Regards,


DATE : 18/09/2017

Good afternoon
Through this email I want to thank you for the good treatment received in your country, which I take a pleasant memory of your landscapes and friendly people, I will not have the inconvenience to encourage my acquaintances to visit.
From the service provided by the company of you, I feel very satisfied and especially to my driver (Mboula) who at all times was ready to collaborate in everything possible.

DATE : 16/09/2017

We are currently on the trip with Yandu (Ny Ando) in Tsingy. It’s going very well. He is an excellent driver and the car is perfect.
Thank you!


DATE : 11/09/2017

Dear Erica
Thank you for everything.
Our driver and guide was excellent. He was very helpful for us and arranged everything perfectly.
I am going to recommend your company to all of my friends planning to visit Madagascar. We are leaving Tana tomorrow.
Thanks for everything

DATE : 28/08/2017

Bonjour, Je vous remercie pour votre aimable et précieuse prestation. Conducteur professionnel et discret.

Mme Lova Tiana RABENOELY

DATE : 26/08/2017

Madame, Bonjour,
Nous tenons à vous informer que nous étions très satisfaits du service et du comportement de votre employé Monsieur Henintsoa. C’était parfait !
Bonne journée !

Michèle Rajaonarivelo

DATE : 27/07/2017

Hi Erica
We are back home safely. The trip in Madagascar was great, we really enjoyed it so much. Regarding the itinerary:
I think this was organised perfectly. It was not too fast and not boringly slow. We saw a lot of beautiful and interesting places.We trekked, swam, relaxed. The accommodation was unbelievable!!!! Thank you so so so much…Hope this helps Erica. You have done an amazing trip. We all enjoyed it so much. Thank you for your professionalism, help, support, quick feedback in mails and taking care of us.
Regards, God bless you.


DATE : 26/07/2017

 I am writing you to thank you very much for the service you gave us. Your driver is a professional, kind and helpful person. Please let him know about it. We will recommend you.
Thank you & best regards


DATE : 21/06/2017

 Following our recent holiday in Madagascar I would like to say that we were very pleased to have Mbola as our driver. His English was more than adequate and he was not only a very careful driver in whom we had total confidence but was very helpful to us on many occasions recommending excellent places to stop for lunch and in general looking after our welfare when needed.
Thank you for your service.
Best wishes

Stephen Bettaney

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